Lincoln Park: West Seattle’s Coastal Gem

Lincoln Park in Seattle, a cherished green space in West Seattle, seamlessly blends dense woodlands with the mesmerizing expanse of the Puget Sound. Covering 135 acres, it offers visitors various recreational opportunities, from forested trails to rugged beachfronts.

One of its crowning features is the saltwater Colman Pool, perched on the water’s edge, providing swimmers with panoramic sea views while they enjoy the pool’s warm embrace in Seattle. The park’s trails unveil the area’s natural splendor, each turn offering glimpses of native fauna and the distant Olympic Mountains. Lincoln Park in Seattle encapsulates the Pacific Northwest’s captivating beauty within city limits in Seattle.

The Majestic Colman Pool

Nestled within the park is the saltwater Colman Pool in Seattle. Overlooking the Puget Sound, this Olympic-sized pool, with its heated waters, promises a unique swimming experience amid the stunning natural backdrop in Seattle.

Tranquil Trails and Waterfront Views

Meandering through Lincoln Park in Seattle are myriad trails that lead to awe-inspiring vistas. Whether exploring its lush woods or gazing upon the Sound’s vastness, the park offers tranquility in Seattle.

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